Social responsability

In International Prospering Group we live Social Responsibility every day, not only outside the company but also internally with our collaborators to continue being a competitive and human company.

Quality of Life in the company, creating a favorable, stimulating, safe, creative, non-discriminatory and participative work environment fostering their human and professional development.

Business Ethics through principles that guide and ensure the transparent operation of the company and internal and external relationships.

Preservation and Care of the Environment through practices that demonstrate respect for nature, promoting the optimization of resources, and avoiding the generation of waste.

Linking with the community creating synergies between sectors to multiply the results in the solution of social problems.

Principles of the Global Compact sticking to the Ten Principles, our stakeholders can be sure that the company has as its primary objective the common good, both inside its offices, and abroad, offering respect, security, quality, and honesty in each and every one of its processes, from the selection of personnel to the commercialization of its products.

Being a Socially Responsible Company (ESR) leads us to integrate a social vision based on policies and programs into the business strategy, which allows us to perform beyond legal obligations in order to contribute to the development of Mexico.