Rotary Table

Brief Introduction

Rotary Table is important part to drive and hold the drill string.
The products conforms to API Spec. 7k, have the certificate of authority to use the official API monogram

Technical Performances

1.The casing is casting steel and steel plate welding structure, the basement is steel casting, it welded with steel plate after coarsely machining, and finish machining after integral annealing for stress elimination.
2.Transmission gear is harden tooth spiral bevel gear drive, have higher loading capacity, smooth running and long service life.
3.The input shaft is alloy forging by quench hardening and tempering, has good mechanical property, fit for big torsional moment operation. chain wheel and flange can be equipped on the shaft end, meet the requirement of all transmission mode.
4. Master bushing adopt alloy casting steel, it has high rigidity and reliable performance.

Main technical specifications

Item ZP50 ZP135 ZP175 ZP205 ZP275 ZP375 ZP495
Max. Working Torque (kN.m) 8 12 13.7 22.6 27.5 32.4 37
Opening Dia (mm) 180 292 444.5 520.7 698.5 952.5 1257.3
Max. Static Load (kN) 600 1350 2250 3150 4500 5850 7250
Max. Speed (r/min) 300 300 300 300 300 300 300
Gear Ratio 2.94 3.5 3.58 3.22 3.67 3.56 3.93
Center of Table to Center of Sprocket (mm) 590.6 1118 1118 1353 1353 1353 1651